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Your Pool Filter is the sanitation center of your swimming pool and spa. It’s what keeps your swimmers healthy & safe.

The Pool Filter keeps the water clean and clear by filtering out small debris and other particles from the water.  The particulates are collected in the filter before the water is recirculated back into to the pool or spa.

In order for your San Diego swimming pool to be healthy, safe and functioning properly, the pool filter must be cleaned on a regular basis (2 to 4 times per year).

It’s important to note that pool Filter Repairs will be needed to replace broken screens, grids and other pool filter parts to keep your pool filter operating at maximum efficiency. 

Back-washing the pool filter is needed several times a month.  If your pool filter gauge is above 30psi, it’s time to backwash your filter.  If back-washing your pool filter does not reduce the filter pressure below 30psi, it may be time for a pool filter cleaning or pool filter repair.

In time, the entire pool filter assembly will need to be replaced.  Signature Pools of San Diego is here to help. 

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