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How to Keep your Pool Clean between Professional Visits

By on Mar 10, 2020 in Blog |

Signature Pools of San Diego believe that there’s nothing better than the view of a beautiful, crystal clean pool on a hot summer day.

We enjoy it just as much as you do, so we want to give you a few helpful tip and tricks to keep your pool sparkling between professional cleaning visits.

Maintaining your pool is as easy with some routine care to keep your pool free of debris and crystal blue.

Follow these simple habits for an amazing pool and spa.

Keep the Surrounding Yard Clean:  This one is more simple than it sounds.  Keep your yard clear of debris that can make its way into your pool.  This will keep the pool equipment functioning properly, and will prevent a clogged pump system.

Regularly Skim For Debris:  Storms, and wind can trash a well maintained pool.  Do a quick skim of your pool every so often for a beautiful result.

Preserve Your Water Level: Always keep the water level pool at mid-skimmer height to prevent damage to your pool pump.  Splashing and Evaporation can lower water levels in the pool.  Low water levels are the number one cause of burnt out pool pumps and can be very costly.

Maintaining your pools health and beauty between regularly scheduled service visits is relatively easy.  These simple tips can be followed by all pool owners.  Signature Pools of San Diego will do the rest.

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